Surf Sharks The First Ride Book and Craft

My kids were destined to have a love of books. My husband and I are both nerdy bookworms. On the day my son Roo was born my husband read him a story (How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight).

Whenever a new book makes its way into our house, one of us reads it to the kids. At the conclusion of the story Roo happily grabs the book and heads to his bedroom to browse it at his own speed. I often sneak into the hallway outside of his bedroom and listen to him reading himself the story. I am always glad that he has a love of books.

Sharks are exciting to Roo because his Daddy has a shark tattoo on his arm. If Daddy wears one on his arm, they have to be pretty cool!  It came as no surprise to me to see that Roo was bouncing up and down with joy to check out Surf Sharks The First Ride by Shelley & Chance Wolf. 

The story is about 3 young surfers and 3 sharks that come together to solve problems and escape danger.

The book has colorful illustrations, which appealed to my kids. The story has a nice meaning, about teamwork, friendship and it includes a lot of facts about sharks.

My kids were more interested in the illustrations than they were the story. Truth be told, the book is just a little too advanced for their interest level and a little too long for them, but if you have older kids, they are going to LOVE this book! 

I tried to entice my son to sit through the story by offering up the chance to create a craft. I went for something simple that would apply to the story. I had high hopes that a pair of scissors and a glue stick would keep Roo sitting and listening.

Displaying 20140618_084523.jpg

We started with a few sheets of construction paper and a paper plate.

I asked Roo to cut the light blue sheet to look like the sky.

We glued that on the plate. 

Nest we wanted to make the sun in the sky, Roo made a sunset 

We used 2 different shades of blue to make waves for the ocean.

We followed up with a snazzy surfboard! 


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