Christmas Traditions: Wunderland Lights

My kids are small. It is a rare event for them to be out after dark. In fact, the moon is completely magical to my son Roo, at the age of 4. It is a treat for him to be up late enough to see it during the summer, but now that it is winter, he is still amazed to get to go outside and go anywhere when the moon is out.

Last Christmas we made a magical moon light ride for Roo super special by visiting the Christmas Wunderland in Mansfield, Ohio. This is a fun drive thru display of lights and decorations that kids of all ages enjoy.

We listened to Christmas music and enjoyed the sights of too many to count lights, displays and best of all cups of cocoa.

I am really glad we did this, it created a magical memory for my 4 year old, who saw an advertisement for the display and squealed with delight. We will do this again this year, as a part of our family tradition. Complete with music and cocoa.


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