Soothing Sick Little Ones

The kids and I caught a cold virus. Blah. We sneezed all over each other. There was massive amounts of nose wiping, coughing and general ickiness to go around.

It hit Roo first. Harper caught it next. She sneezed and sneezed. My heart broke into little bits each time for her. When it came knocking on my door I literally laid down and cried.

So, how did we manage to entertain ourselves when everyone was ill? We laid about in our pajamas and bathrobes. We snuggled under covers. We watched cartoons and looked at books.

You know my kids are sick if they are not running amuck, making messes and lots of noise.

One morning during tissue fest 2015 I pulled myself together and I was determined to clean up our home. As I wiped, swiped and picked up I noticed it was as quiet as it has ever been at my house. The only sounds were of light music from the cartoon.

Curious I tiptoed to check on the kids.

This is what I found.

Babies watching a cartoon

And they are getting along famously!

Roo gives Harp a smooch and says "Feel Better."

I hated that they were ill, but I loved that they found comfort in each other and snuggled up to watch a cartoon peacefully. I was proud of Roo for being so considerate and kind. I know he must have covered his sister up after she laid down on a pillow. What a sweet big brother!

Everyone is on the mend now thankfully!

With the illness being a virus there wasn't a lot I could do for the kids, at their age. But I will share my tips for making them as comfortable as possible.

I know the kids will fight it, but keep their noses clear! Use a bulb style syringe and saline, or something like the Snotarator.

Offer them plenty of fluids! This one is important! We don't want dehydrated little ones!

Lollipops will help stop a cough. This is a super mom trick.

If they are not hungry, indulge them a little. Ask them what they would like. If they want popsicles for dinner so be it.

Limit milk intake. It seems to make a cold feel worse.

Keep them warm! A snuggle fest under a quilt is a nice way to be comfy. When I was little and ill all I wanted was my mom. 

Encourage extra rest!

A gentle vapor bath designed for kids is a wonderful way to offer some relief from a snotty, runny and or stuffy nose and a cough.

On preschool aged kids and older apply vicks to their feet and put socks on them. This is so much more effective than rubbing it on the chest or back. 

If you feel your child needs medical attention seek it! I am not a doctor, I am simply sharing how I helped soothe my littles during their bout of illness.


  1. Aw, poor things! Sweet photo of them!! Hope they feel better soon!

  2. great tips. I hate when the kids are sick I hate to see them not feeling well and it is so hard to get them to just lay down and rest

  3. Tissue Fest 2015 LOL What a great name. Thank you so much for sharing at the (mis)Adventures Monday Blog Hop. I really (and I do mean REALLY) look forward to what you share this week.

  4. I'm sorry!!! I'm dealing with a sick toddler today and I can't wait until I can say he's on the mend! We're in the thick of it right now. lol at Tissue fest! thanks for linking up to the #ShineBlogHop!


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