Busy Work for My Preschooler

It seems like only a few weeks ago I was rambling about how my son has missed weeks upon weeks of school due to weather and illness. The vicious cycle has repeated. I am crossing my fingers he will get to go this week. In 2 days it will be 2 full weeks of his cute little face being home... ALL THE TIME...

If I was concerned before about his missed school, this time around it is flat out worry. He is now so out of the groove of going to school that he no longer wants to go. He has tried to flatter me by telling me he likes staying home to do "fun stuff" with me more than he likes school. 

This "fun stuff" Roo speaks of is actually 'school work', but I guess he likes my approach to his opportunities to learn. {Flattery again!?}

I created "busy work bags" for Roo, which are nothing more than preschool age appropriate activities. I allow him to pick a bag each day he is home from school and work on it at his leisure. I made 7 different bags to give him variety, and as he completes one, I make a new one to keep his supply plentiful.

To be honest, the idea came to me when I organized our crafty junk. I found some really ugly old stationary that I wanted to use and I have literally hundreds of educational printables. 

Each day I have my son practice writing his name 5 times.  He also practices writing a letter of the day and a number of the day 5 times each.

I offer him 2 printables per bag. I try to mix it up to include a variety of options.

I give him a fine motor activity in each bag, such as placing wooden beads on a pipe cleaner or fine motor feeding with pom poms.

I might also include a Popsicle stick craft (make the letter I out of the craft sticks...), or have him make flowers with markers and stamps.

I include a few bonus items that are just fun to do like coloring these blank cardboard sticker things, or coloring in a ticket, which becomes a treasured item to use with his much loved train sets.

Roo loves doing this "fun stuff"! I don't know if my handwriting on the pages helps motivate him or not ( he loves to ask me to write things for him,) or if he just likes the fine motor activities which he will do several times a day!

This is one of the many ways I try to keep my son learning new things, developing the skills he has, and best of all, entertained without a screen!

How do you encourage learning in your home?


  1. Those are such fun activities. Great ideas to keep your little one engaged and learning while home sick. Thanks so much for linking up with Idea Box! Hope you continue to link up in the future!


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