Making Easter Easier Than Ever With HoneyBaked Ham #HoneyBakedEaster

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I am going to make a confession to you. I have never been a big fan of holidays. There is just something about cleaning for days, shopping, decorating and spending a few days in the kitchen prepping the meal that doesn't appeal to me. I am not even going to talk about the clean up process...

See, holidays. Fun for everyone but the hostess in my case.

Last year I discovered a trick... there is a way to cut the work in half without sacrificing on dinner. I am going to share my trick for an awesome Easter Dinner, as well as a few other tips to make your Easter Dinner a success without doing too much work!

My first bit of advice is to not clean everything days before the event. Instead make time for the entire week leading up to it to do a few chores a day. I set a time for 20 minutes. I clean as much as I can in that short time and then I move on with my day.

Tackling jobs over the course of the week is one great way to save time and efforts. Face it a cleaning spree the day before just isn't fun! But spreading it out and doing a few windows, or dusting a shelf one day, then cleaning out the fridge another day, and so on really makes it less of a challenge.

My second tip is if you plan to have more than 4 guests for dinner, pick up disposable dishes. It will save you hours of time at the end of the dinner.

My third tip is to ask your guests to each contribute a favorite dish to the meal. This takes a lot of strain off of the hostess. It is also lots of fun to sample what everyone brings!

My tip seriously has changed my opinion about holiday gatherings.

Go to a HoneyBaked Ham store and pick up a ham (whole, half, quarter or mini sized) and maybe a turkey breast too. You can select side dishes that will please the crowd, or a scrumptious dessert. All you will need to do is heat it up and serve dinner to oohs and ahhs, cause ya know.... there is nothing like a HoneyBaked Ham!

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HoneyBaked Ham Turkey Breast is trimmed by hand, perfecting the wholesome flavor and goodness of tender 100% breast meat, carefully seasoned, then fire-glazed to perfection with our one-of-a-kind sweet, crunchy glaze. Available Smoked or Roasted, and sliced for your convenience. This is gluten free too!

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It wouldn't be a holiday at my house without HoneyBaked Ham!


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