30 Days To Move : Day 1

A new chapter in my life is ready to begin. I got the call that the house I have rented for the past 5 years has been sold... we have 30 days to find a new house and make the move.

To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement. But, one step at a time, the evidence of our life here will be packed away and loaded into a moving truck.

I hope that by sharing my 30 Days to Move series I can connect with new readers, share my tips, tricks and errors and make your move, if you find yourself in a similar situation, as stress free as possible.

On Day 1 you might be a hot mess. Filled with a variety of emotions. From anger at the change in your situation, to panic about what to do, where to begin. 

After getting the news that you need to move, the first thing to do is allow yourself about 20 minutes to get yourself together.  Let your emotions play out for a few minutes. Breathe. Get it all out, cry if you need to. Call a friend and get your news off your chest. Someone to listen to you as you feel like the bottom is dropping out makes a huge difference.

Now- 20 minutes are up! Dry your tears, check your anger. This is not the time to worry, panic or act crazy. This is the time to begin a new thought process. A forward thinking thought process. Like it or not, you will be moving. Nothing will change that in most cases. Instead of dwelling on it, stewing over it or going into denial, this is the time to make a plan.

The first step is to browse classified ads, check out the newspaper, craigslist and groups on facebook. Scout out the options online. This will let you know what the average price of rent is and you can get a feel for what is being offered at what prices. Consider this research. As internet savvy as I am, there has only been one rental that I found online that I actually rented. This may have to do with the region I live in. I am not sure. I do think that to find a great place to live, you actually have to get out and look.

After browsing what is available online, prepare yourself to head out and scope out the rentals in your town. This is as easy to do as driving by and actively seeking out FOR RENT signs. Plan to do this on Day 2 of 30.

You have had a crazy day. If you have researched online and got your emotions under control, it is time to take a break. Don't stress or worry the rest of the day. Just keep your chin up, and rest. The next 29 days are going to be physically and emotionally taxing. Reserve as much energy as you can today.

Check back tomorrow to find out what I do on Day 2 of 30 Days to Move.

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