Go Fly a Kite!

On a Sun drenched Sunday morning, my 5 year old said "I wanna fly a kite!" That sounded like a fine idea, so we headed out to a nice open area and got the kite into the air.

Harp was thrilled to have a chance to just run. She needed to stretch those cute baby legs!

But she wore down after a bit and she rested in the grass. Then the excitement of Roo getting his kite in the air attracted her attention. Off she went!

As you can see this was a big deal to a cute little boy. Dad cheers him on!

The kite flying was a success. The wind was perfect. My kids had a ton of fun, the sunlight and exercise of playing in an open field was enough to get everyone happy with endorphin's! I hope we get a chance to have another kite flying day soon!

Do you ever enjoy the small pleasures of life like flying a kite on a beautiful day with your kids? Sometimes there are the days that are the best!k


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