Home Sweet Jellystone Storybook Activity and Name Writing Practice

Did you know kids can lose months of the things they learned at school when they are on summer break? With that in mind I set out to have 30 minutes of preschool/play school with Roo that involves tracing, counting, reading and fine motor at least 4 days a week.

So far this has been a great thing! He can spell, he can read, but his handwriting needs a little work.

I found some old printer paper, like the kind that is connected. This gave me an idea. I asked Roo to go to his bookshelf and find a book about cars.

He picked Home Sweet Jellystone, A Yogi the Bear Book. The Ranger inherits money, leaves the park and the Yogi the Bear gang longs to get him to return. Cute book!

So, as we finished the story, I started drawing out my son a tool to practice writing his name, in an addicitve way!

We made the object of this activity to drive over the roads that spell his name, and get from Jellystone to Yogi.

This was a lot of fun for Roo. We tried to make a name road for Harp, but she saw paper and decided to destroy it rather than play along.

While the story wasn't about cars really, I can't complain, he did find a book with a jeep on the cover!
And we made it into a storybook activity in a flash that he keeps coming back to that will help him with writing his name!


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