Summer Time.... The Kick Off

Summer vacation started for Roo on Friday. He was pretty okay with the end of the year. So far he has had no complaints about hanging out at home with Harper and I.

On Friday, first day of summer for my little guy we loaded the baby into the stroller and we set off, downtown bound. The sun was shining. Life was pretty good. We were in search of a haircut as Roo was looking shaggy. We stopped at each place in our little town we could think of, hoofing it here and there. It must have been the day for haircuts. No one could get us in. My son, his lip quivered each time we left a shop. He really wanted a haircut. His heart was set on it.

I promised tomorrow we would get a haircut, even if we had to wait for 2 hours. He still looked sad. He looked at me with big blue eyes and said "Take Care of Me." I said "Aww, I will. What can I do Roo?"
He said "Take Harper Rae to lunch with me."

Smart kid, so to lunch we went. Our first lunch date in a long time. Just the three of us. After feeding the growing children, we were prepared to walk on home. It was a lovely day to have spent strolling about town with my kids. It was a shame about the haircut, but I didn't think the day was wasted by any means!

When I tucked my Roo into bed that night, he told me, "Today a happy day Mommy." I said "I thought so too honey. A good and happy day spent with you." I started to leave the room and he whispered "Stay, stay here." So I laid back down in his bed and he stroked my arm until he fell asleep.

Motherhood, nothing ever goes as planned. From hair cuts, to ducking out of the room at bedtime. But, something I am learning along the way is that, being able to adapt, to make the best of the day, is the key to having happy days


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