10 Ways I Save Money

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How do you save money? I have been finding ways to make the most of my cash and I thought some of these are so good that I have to share them with you to help you get the most bang for you buck without jumping thru hoops to do so. 

1) If you have a paypal account, get the paypal debit card!  I earn 1% cash back for my purchases on the card. 1% doesn't seem like a lot, but if you spent $1000 a month on gas, groceries, clothes, restaurants and online shopping, that is like getting $10 back every month! Hey, that it is free money every month!

2) I use Ebates to make online purchases, depending upon the store I am shopping at I earn from 1% to 6% cash back, which is paid via paypal quarterly. I usually earn about $9 each quarter, which is fantastic! It is easy to use this program. 

3) I use mperks for grocery shopping. I love that I earn rewards from shopping. As an example, I earned $6 off of my next purchase after buying $50 of meat (in multiple purchases too) and $5 off after spending $25 on Dairy. If you shop Meijer, use m perks! Not only do they have rewards to earn but also you can clip a ton of great coupons to use with sale items.

4) I don't pay for cable anymore. We use Netflix and Amazon Instant Video with our Roku. We spend about $13 a month compared to a former bill of about $70 a month. We make use of the video store in town too. It is good for local business and we can rent a lot of movies and tv shows at a bargain price of 2 dvds for $1. They also have about 200 dvds that children can rent for free. You can save money on Netflix by getting access to Netflix titles through a VPN. Learn more at BestVPN's Netflix Guide.

5) We have a little one in diapers. We use Luv's which are exactly the same as Pampers, except they are cut a touch wider and lack the Sesame Street gang designs. They are about $3 a pack cheaper. We also have a few cloth diapers that we use in the mix. Both of my kids used Luv's and I have always been impressed with the performance.

6) I used Store brand formula for my daughter. When she was born I had a stockpile of Formula and frequently got coupons. But, ultimately whenever I had to buy it without a coupon we got the store brand of what she preferred. Ironically, all of the formula is made in the same place. WalMart's brand and Kroger's brand come from the same manufacturer. (Don't believe me? Call the number on the cans. Same place.) This saved us at least $6 on each can of formula.

7) We participate in fun programs like summer reading, story time and events at the Nature Center to keep the kids busy, making friends and having fun while learning. These are always free, and tons of fun for kids.

8) On a hot summer day, there is no better place to head with the kids than the movies. But, who wants to spend $30 to take the family to a movie that they may not make it through without needing to leave? Our local theater has a $1 kids movie every week. For $4 the whole family can go watch an older but family friendly movie, and they run a snack special that day too. For $2.50 my little ones share popcorn and juice.
At under $7 that is an activity we cannot pass up on a really hot day or a rainy day.

9) I shopped around for insurance and found I could take our rate from $107 a month to $55 with all of the same coverage with esurance. That is basically half the price. We have been with the company for 2 years now and have no complaints!

10) Before I buy anything I google it to make sure it isn't on sale somewhere else!

What is your best money saving tip?


  1. You've pretty much covered it, except I use ShopAtHome for online rebates. Plus, I've got a ton of grocery savings apps. I use Favado to find the best grocery deals, then I upload my receipts to a couple of different apps. It's kind of a pain, but it's worth it. We're trying to save money for a down payment on a house next April.


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