Play Room Reveal

Cabbage Manor; I have lovingly coined our house Cabbage Manor. I can't tell you why, but it feels natural. 

The house is great. It is one of those houses that is peaceful. I like that. The house was special to someone at some time. It was moved from another location at some time in the past. It still holds some of the charm of a previous era with the heavy wooden door. The kitchen oozes like 1950's or 1960's. I like it. 

There is a lovely nook off the kitchen, it has a sliding glass door, it would be nice for dining in, but we have a dining room. I immediately knew this room would make a great play room for my kids. 

During the summer, they must share a little area with their father's plants until they can go back to the school library, but the kids don't mind. 

It is a long process of getting settled in. But I have one room ready to reveal. 

My daughter Harper loves playing in here! She has her little play kitchen, tons of play food, and a table to play at. This table is intended to be a place my son would play with his wooden train tacks or complete his busy bags, but my daughter really loves to play here!

I am working on several ideas to make the room more functional for the kids, such as mesh bags to hang from the wall with toys like the matching donut game, card games and small puzzles. I am in process of making an organizer for all of the chunky puzzles too.

This layout will change soon, because we want to use the tiny patio, but until we fence in the rest of the yard, it seems like a bad idea to even let the kids know that is a door. I worry about the little one and the dogs getting out.

So, there it is. One room in Cabbage Manor. I know, it looks a little messy, but that is okay, we are living here and having fun doing it!


  1. very cute. It is always nice to have a playroom for the kids to play in and you can keep their toys more contained

  2. Congratulations on your new home! It takes time to get settled but your little one already looks like she is enjoying her new playroom. :)

  3. Cute! I love what you're doing in here.
    I love little nooks, but always struggle what to do with them (like ours upstairs)

  4. Trust me it is not messy at all. You should see what I tried to make into a playroom. It became a storage room lol.

  5. I love how you've dubbed your new place as Cabbage Manor! You have a place to call your own and so do your kiddos. It's a Kid Cove at Cabbage Manor! Give me some coloring books and crayons (pronounced CRANS by me, born in Michigan) and I'm happy! I love kids toys, too! I'm the one who walks through the store pressing all of the sound and motion buttons in the toy aisle.

  6. So adorable! And the little one is pretty cute too! ;)


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