All About Harper

My cute little daughter is demanding some screen time over at Sweet Silly Sara. She insists her older brother is a spotlight hog over here and I have to agree. He is a spotlight hog, she isn't being represented adequately and it is high time that I devote some screen time to Miss Harper.

Harper is turning 2 in a matter of weeks now. She is a fun little girl. She loves to play, to dance and to wrestle her brother. 

Harper is a chatterbox. Her favorite things to say right now are

"Awww Man!" 
"Do it again!"
"Come here Mom"
"Hi Kitty!" 

Speaking of the kitty, Harper adores him, he is like a rock star to her. Kitty enters the room and she loses all control of herself. Self respect goes out the door. She gushes, runs towards him, throws herself at him. If she has gentle hands, kitty is into this worship. If she has the hands of an almost 2 year old, he exits a room at light speed.

You can't keep Harper inside for very long! She loves to ride her cute little Kinderfeets Tiny Tot bike on the porch. She gets into epic riding sessions with her spotlight hogging brother who also has a red bike. They think it is pretty neat that they both ride the same color of bike.

Harper enjoys playing with her baby doll, who she simply calls "Baby". Each day she brings me Baby, I help her put a shirt on Baby. She kisses baby, wipes her face with a baby wipe and hands her over to me with a "Here Mom..." I am to hold Baby and give her kisses until her mommy can come back. My smart little girl has learned about hair color and has made it her mission to use crayons to color the head of this baby doll... so every day we have to clean Baby up when we are finished with her.

Harper is a pro at playing at the Park.

Harper gives some pretty great hugs. She likes to kiss too. She follows a good hug or kiss with an "Mmmm!" Like it is the most delicious thing ever to her. 

I had no idea how much fun having a daughter would be. It seems like only yesterday she was a sleepy little baby, but look out world, this girl is a mover and a shaker. She is breaking hearts, blowing kisses and dancing along the way!

I hope you enjoyed catching up with the blondie! She wants you to know she will be making more frequent appearances on Sweet Silly Sara.

Thanks to my friends at Kinderfeets for sending us a bike to mention in this post!


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