Itsy Bitsy Spider Craft

Tonight we took a walk to storytime at the library. My son really enjoys this ritual. He loves the walk {that is my boy! I love to walk too!} while Harp likes the ride in her stroller. The fresh air and exercise helps my kids to behave during storytime too and fall asleep a bit easier that night too. Win. Win.

Tonight they made a really cute craft that I had to get involved in and photograph to share with you.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider House

You will need one full sheet of colored paper 
one 4x6 inch square of paper in another color
one triangle in another color (to make a roof)
2 2x2 inch squares of paper that are the same color.
One 2x2 inch square of paper in another color
One 1x3 inch strip of black paper
One Straw
One spider ring
2 strips of tape
Glue Stick

First Glue your 4x6 inch square of paper onto the full sheet.

Then glue on the triangle for the roof, and the 2 squares of paper that are the same color for windows.

Next add your door and your chimney.

Tape your straw to the side of the house on the bottom.
Slide the spider ring onto the straw from the untaped top.
Tape the top of the straw.

You can sing the itsy bitsy spider song with your kids, and have them move the spider up the spout! How cute right?

The one in process as pictured above was made by my 2-year-old daughter and I. The one below was made by my 5 year old. We all had fun with this craft! It was creeptacular crafting that can be created by a variety of ages.


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