What Sara Wore... For a Comfy and Casual Date

I had so much fun sharing what I wore with you guys last week that I couldn't wait to share another edition of What Sara Wore with you! In this edition, I was dressing for a very comfy and casual date with my husband. We got a sitter for the afternoon so we could go see a movie together.

Since Harper was born, Adam and I have been away from the kids, together, 2 times. Once to dinner to celebrate his new job as the librarian and one brief 90 minutes to pack a moving truck...

Getting to go out, kid free seemed surreal. I had ambitions to get all dolled up, but Adam and I agreed we could be casual and wear whatever. This made it a lot easier to pick an outfit I could be comfortable in for a long movie.

I went with my favorite of all favorites a Ponte Knit Fit and Flare Circle Skirt in In the Navy from Old Navy. I love the fit and flare of this skirt.  The fit of the skirt is  great for my curvy figure. The skirt falls about 3 inches about my knee and is perfect for a warm day when you want to look good but feel comfortable.

I paired my skirt with a relaxed fit v neck t shirt in a dark charcoal. While this makes me sound really boring, I am crazy into the color charcoal right now. Dark gray as a favorite? Why not. It matches darn near everything and it looks really nice with my dark hair and blue eyes.

I always struggle with pairing shoes to my outfits. I was leaning towards a pair of Sangrens Swedish Clogs, but I settled on a pair of simple black flats from my collection. Old Navy of course, because I am a mom with an obsession... what else would I wear?

My outfit was simple. I was beyond comfortable because this is like what I wear every day.

In case you are interested in the date. Adam and I went to see Star Wars. We dashed into Target afterwards as we missed our kids and wanted to get them a surprise. After picking toys {Doc McStuffins set and a Chewbacca} and 70% off Godiva Valentines Candy... we intended to go to TGIFridays for dinner but decided the wait wasn't worth it. A change of plans took us to Charley's for Philly Cheesesteaks.

A quiet atmosphere and great food was a nice way to end the night, we headed home to our kids, who were having fun, up late and happy to see us!


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