My Mothers Promise Starts with Pampers Premium Care

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Walmart and Pampers Premium Care Diapers.

When I became a mother, I had all of these ideas. I thought I knew exactly how the adventure would go... after all, I had 9 months to plan it before my son was born. Fast forward 5 years. Now I have 2 kids! And life is busy. Sometimes I lose track of the adventure I had planned. I also lose track of a lot of other things. Sometimes, you need to be reminded by a friend, or a company that feels like a good friend after all these years to evaluate your adventure in Motherhood and to make a #MothersPromise.

Pampers reminded me to do just that. For a few days, I pondered various promises I could make to my little ones. I could promise to always cook dinner, but, let's face it, Dominoes delivers and sometimes that is the only way dinner is going to appear on our table! I could promise to always do their laundry, but that would be a lie... I am fortunate that my husband takes care of washing the laundry.

No promise needed to be different. My promise needed to be something really important. Just like my children are to me. I thought very hard over this. What would I want to really promise these amazing little kids?!

My Mothers Promise came to me one day as I was sipping a latte. I Promise to Take Time to Savor the Moment, just like I was savoring my delicious drink. So many days, I am rushed from one task to one activity, I barely have time to sit for lunch sometimes. The reality of that makes me sad. It opened my eyes. These moments pass quickly. We only get them one time. With that in mind, savor the moments with the kids! And make all of those moments in a diaper comfortable for your baby. Pampers Premium Care is the starting step to a lifetime of loving moments.

Benefits of Pampers Premium Care for the best skin care include:

Top tier, high quality diaper
5 Star skin care, hypoallergenic, wetness indicator, unique absorb away liner, breathable inside & out, extra absorb channels

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What is your Mothers Promise? How will you keep your promise?

For me, it is a simple reminder to savor these good moments in life. The chores can wait. Childhood cannot!


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