The First Step to a Happier Life

This post has been sponsored by Jackpot Candles.

A few months ago, I was checking out this article based on a study on happiness. It offered several suggestions on how to live a happier life. There was one suggestion that intrigued me. It was super simple. The fragrance of vanilla is often associated with happiness. It enhances sensations of joy and relaxation. With that, I decided to take the plunge into my search for happiness not only in my personal self but also in my home. I started with a vanilla candle from Jackpot Candles.

First, I know, vanilla candles are the first step to happiness? You might be thinking that Silly Sara really does sum it all up. But, think about this, you guys.

When you have had a long day and you want to relax, do you light a candle? That is one of the first things I do once my kids are sleeping. It softens the atmosphere of any room and it smells nice! The gentle flickering of the flame seems to soothe my weary soul. So, it just makes sense on my path to happy to light a few candles. If the scent of vanilla can help me with joy, happiness, and relaxation, then I am all for trying it.

Now, this is where Jackpot Candles makes a huge difference...

Imagine lighting a candle that helps you to chill and knowing that sooner or later a fun surprise is going to pop up in the melted wax? Imagine opening that little foil pack surprise to find a pretty ring, necklace or pair of earrings awaiting your discovery? I don't know about you but a pretty surprise always makes me smile. Smiling and happiness go hand in hand!

I really loved my experience with Jackpot Candles. My candle was shipped in a lovely jar, the fragrance was perfect. Simple. Vanilla. The candle burned evenly without the thick black smoke that some candles put off.
I have had a candle like this before, and I had to wait for a crazy amount of time to get the surprise. My Jackpot Candle experience was different. I burned the candle for about 5 or 6  hours when my surprise peeked out. I didn't have to wait for an eternity to get my jackpot! A week later, my candle is still going
strong! Only about half way burnt!

Every item of jewelry in a Jackpot Candle {100% soy, made in the USA and hand poured!} is valued between $15 and $5000.  The jewelry comes with a little tag to help you appraise your Jackpot on the website.

Really it was a lot of fun! I found that the warm aroma of vanilla in my home really did help me to relax. When I can relax, I really am happier. When I am happy, everyone is happy. It kind of goes with that saying "Happy Wife Happy Life." If you want to be a happier wife, get her a Jackpot Candle. I, of course, vote for a Vanilla fragrance.

I got a really cute necklace in my Jackpot Candle. I have not appraised it yet, because I like it, regardless of how much it is worth!


  1. I have seen these candles before and totally want to get one. What a fun idea they are.

  2. That is so fun! This is the adult equivalent of a prize at the bottom of the cereal box. I love it!

  3. I love Vanilla or Vanilla-based candles. It makes the home feel so much more homey when it smells like cookies or baking. MMmmmmm.

  4. That's such a cool idea. Will make you want to leave it burning for a long time to get to the prize!

  5. A few years ago I did Jewelry in Candles when they first started. It was a lot of fun jumping on board with a new company and having candles with fun surprises inside. I am glad you are loving your Jackpot Candle experience!

  6. My Daughter has been asking for one of these candles. Her friends have found nice jewelry in theirs. I will have to get one for her birthday.

  7. Although I do love staring into the flame of a candle I can't light one in my apartment due to my cat who just loves to swat things to the floor----however there are some candles that don't have to be lit to throw off an amazing scent-this sounds like it might be one of them! I'm not a fan of vanilla but I am sure there are scents that I would love-I will check them out.

  8. I love Jackpot candles! I got a few of these when they first came out. I love getting jewelry from candles. It's a lot of fun.

  9. I would love to check out those Jackpot candles. I am a jewelry fanatic. Your piece is gorgeous.

  10. I've always been a big fan of calming scents like Lavendar but the association of Vanilla with happiness is making me rethink that. I'm wondering if I should add some vanilla candles to the mix too!

  11. I have always loved scented candles. I think they make the whole house smell great and they do have a calming energy around them.

  12. I do love the scent of vanilla! It is relaxing and I would be happy with this candle and surprise too.
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