10 Spring Flower Crafts for Kids

My kids love flowers. They are almost too stinking cute! They can't resist a dandelion, and whenever we take a walk, Roo will pick flowers for his little sister {aww! gush!} to her delight! I can't help but smile a little whenever his Dad brings me a daffodil or something pretty he saw and had to pick to bring me. He usually only brings one flower to me, and he always tells our son "Someday you will like a girl and that girl will likely love flowers, and so you will give them to her to see her smile..." 

I thought it would be fun to hang onto the beauty of spring just a little longer and celebrate the flowers that have brought so many smiles to my family by making some spring flower crafts with the kids! I found 10 pretty as a posey-crafts to make with my kids and I think  your kids will love them too!

Which of these spring flower crafts do you want to make with your kids first? I love the Handprint Flower Pot Craft! It is so cute and would make a sweet keepsake project! 


  1. Dad brings me a daffodil or something pretty he saw and had to pick to bring me.


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