Ohio Bird Sanctuary {Traveling with Kids}

Located in Richland County, Ohio is a sweet little spot that my bird loving family really loves. The Ohio Bird Sanctuary is tucked away in a scenic setting. Upon arrival, you may be greeted by a friendly chicken, who knows, you are going to feed him.

Entering the building, you can buy limited souvenirs and little cups of worms! Buy these! It makes the trip into the aviary amazing.

You can enjoy an enclosed area of assorted birds that will come to visit the most patient hand with a cup of worms. Benches make for a great setting for a moment of relaxation, in the heart of nature.

As a family, we greatly appreciate the trails. It is nice to allow our 5 year old the chance to stretch his legs and run!

After a stretch of the legs for the boy, we like to check out the Bald Eagle, assorted owls, crows and other birds that call this spot home.

It is a short visit always, in and out in under an hour, but this is one of those places in Ohio that is a must visit. It gives children a chance to learn about birds. You can learn about rehabilitation for injured birds, and you can actually get hands on with them via the feeding opportunity.

We visit this place at least once a summer. Should you visit, be advised I do believe they are closed on Monday. If you are traveling with kids, this is a location that will please, not only for the experience, but for the simplicity of a visit... especially if something short and sweet is your pleasure. Please remember to be quiet and courteous while you are there. These birds are peaceful creatures.


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