Updating My Studio Space With MyLoViews

This conversation was sponsored, but the chit chat, opinions, and views ring true regardless. I only endorse products I think you will want to know about.

As a writer and a digital influencer, I am constantly looking for ways to engage with my awesome audience and to appeal to new fans too. Earlier this year I set goals and have been pouring hours each week into learning, improving and growing. I realized that the weakest link of my game plan lied within my photos. I couldn’t tell you why I had never applied any effort to making my photos look awesome; I guess it was one of those things I always planned to get to later.

After 5 years or so, I realized that if I didn’t work on this photo situation, it couldn’t possibly get better. One rainy weekend, with a well-laid plan I set out for a big name home improvement store with a detailed supply list and a course of action; eye-catching photos were in my future. I am a semi DIY kinda chick after all. I left the store disappointed. 3 hours in store and countless trips to one side then the other, repeat. I conversed with 13 employees who all told me what I wanted, what was advertised in the flyer and online, simply didn't exist. I came home with squares of plywood; so not what I wanted. My DIY backdrop dreams were not being fulfilled.

I made do. My photos got a little better. I felt okay with the quality, but not satisfied. A few weeks later, a company called MyLoView contacted me to feature one of their wall murals and it was like a light clicked on in my head. This was the solution I needed to make my photos better. Bloggers, photographers, anyone needing to make their space a little more beautiful, take note. This is a game changer in making your space look awesome and your photos pop with a signature look.

I selected a mural from MyLoView and measured the wall I wanted to apply it to. I sent all of this info over to the customer service agent, who helped me select the best finish for my purpose and a few weeks later, a stunning wall mural arrived at my door.

My husband applied the mural, which arrived in 2 pieces to my studio wall and I was in business. This was easily applied for a great look. It literally only took him a few moments and he didn’t require assistance from me to complete the process. The black brick design I selected was ideal for my photos, it eliminated a lot of my shadow issues as I am still working with my lighting set up. The mural looks fabulous. I am overly happy with the way it looks on my walls.

I think that this is one of those ideas that anyone who wants to make their space look great or anyone that takes photos should consider, in a matter of moments, you can truly transform any wall in your home or office to make a statement or to complete a signature look.

The selection offered by MyLoView is impressive, to say the least. Deciding on one wall mural was easier said than done. So many backgrounds would have looked great in my photos.

If you need to make your space look new and improved or better, if you are looking to make an affordable decor update or if you need a solution for your blog or social media photos- hop on over to check out the offerings from MyLoView you will definitely find a few options that you are going to adore!


  1. I am officially in love with their site. I found a wall mural I want to go in my bedroom, but first I have to build a bed, get my linens and decor, etc. We just finished our workbench so it's all coming soon. Look at this https://myloview.com/wall-mural-wood-no-B28A3


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