Saturday #318

Guys, it has been like a year since I attempted to document how we spent our Saturdays as a family. I have had major guilt over my flakiness too. I started this series 3 years ago to keep a record for my son. Today I realized I needed to do the math, figure out what week this would be in the life of Roo and start writing again.  I will figure out the week number for Harp another time.

This morning, on Saturday #318, Roo and I bot woke up early. At 5:30 we headed downstairs for breakfast and play time. Harp woke up and was ready to go too. The morning was fairly quiet. I worked until around 7:15. The kids agreed I could nap on the sofa as I was feeling tired. Roo played K'Nex while Harp and I got cozy on the sofa. She watched a cartoon while I enjoyed 30 minutes of extra sleep.

It was nearly 90 degrees, so we decided there was only one way to beat the heat. To dive into the pool!

The kids saw our snorkeling masks in the shed and were intrigued, we haven't used them in ages, as we call Ohio home these days, so we handed them over to the delight of the kids.

Let me tell you, it might have been a horrible humid 93 degree day, but that water was icy cold as it had been filled and treated the night before. After swimming, we retreated to the cool comfort of the master bedroom and watched a family movie.

Saturdays are a challenge to keep track of in the summer. We are literally on a 3 month summer break as a family and the days all kind of run together.  We love the relaxed pace of the season!

Thanks for catching up with this day in our lives. Since it has been a long time since I added to this series; let me give you the logic behind sharing Saturdays with you.

From the day your child is born until they go to college, you get about 940 Saturdays together.

I wanted to document how we spent our Saturdays. To offer a glimpse into our lives to readers, to document memories for my son {and now my daughter too!}, and I wanted to keep these days for myself at a later time in my life, when my family is grown.

I would love to hear how you spent your weekend, if you felt like sharing via comment!


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