Saturday #320

On Saturday #320 it was hot and humid. As it is summer and every day kind of feels like Saturday, we didn't have many plans for the day. My husband suggested we take the kids to the Splash Pad that has just opened in our town.

We did 90 minutes of water play. The kids were happy and exhausted. I got a bit of a sunburn due to poor sunscreen application on my part. We made our way home for snacks, with the intention of getting out and about for more activity later in the day.

As we arrived home and snacks had been handed out, the kids melted on the sofa and watched television. Ideas of things to do were tossed around, but in the end, ice cream sounded like the only real plan worth making and keeping.
Harper says cheese with the ever present binky in her mouth.

Saturdays are not overly thrilling around here in the summer, but that is only because we are on summer break, as a family for 3 months. In the summer months we reserve weekends for more downtime as the crowds are always lighter at activities during the week. Maybe I should include a weekly recap during the summer months of 940 Saturdays?

During the week we went to story time, played at a park, went shopping, and went swimming a few times.

I hope that on this Saturday in the life of your kids that you made a lot of fun memories. If this is the first time you are reading 940 Saturdays on Sweet Silly Sara, the idea is that you have only 940 Saturdays from birth until your child leaves for college. I started this series for my son Rolf many years ago and have tried to keep up with it so that both my son and my daughter can look back on these entries someday and have a history of how we spent time as a family.


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