Best Way To Cut Watermelon

You guys, I have the best way to cut a watermelon and I can't wait to share it with you. The days of making slices to form a wedge are long gone. This method reduces waste and really makes your melon easier to eat and share!

First, select your melon and place it on a large tray.

Cut it in half. Set half aside and flip the half you are going to work with red side down, rind up.

Slice the watermelon as you might if you were serving slices... long cuts that cover the watermelon, about an inch wide.

Then make cuts the length of the melon, crossing over the wide cuts you made a moment ago.

As you can see, instead of a big, hard to eat wedge of watermelon, you now have this neat little stick!

My best tip is to serve as is on the tray! It holds together nicely and makes it easy peasy for sharing!

This is a kid friendly way to serve melon too! Everyone that had a stick of watermelon was impressed with the serving method. It wasn't as messy to eat, there is so much less waste this way and it is fun to put knife skills to work sometimes!!

How do you serve watermelon? Wedges, cubes, sticks, balls?

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