Chocolate Excellence with Baron Chocolatier

Thanks to Baron Chocolatier to sending me yummy samples to inspire this post.

Do you guys know what I love? Fine chocolates! I know everyone says that, but I have to tell you; a plain old grocery store check out option is not going to cut it with me. Every time I stop at the local carry out with a vast 10 foot aisle of candy, I groan in frustration.

When Excellent Baron Chocolatier sent me an assortment of their fine European Chocolates; I squealed with delight! Yay! Small town girl gets her gourmet chocolate fix without having to travel 50 miles to get it!!
But, you know what, after trying this brand of chocolates; I would totally travel 50 miles to stock up on Baron's!

They have so many incredible bars! My favorite was milk chocolate with almonds, while my husband liked the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. My kids were amazed by the milk chocolate covered gummy worms and bears. It was mind blowing to them to see 2 favorite candies combined into one!

I was also thrilled to learn I can find Baron Chocolatier products in a variety of stores like Walgreens, Ikea and Aldi's. No 50 mile drive required for a gourmet chocolate fix!

Baron's history in the chocolate industry is rich and sweet, dating back more than 30 years. With a history like that, you know these divine chocolate artists know their way to your heart, via the sweet tooth!

Baron offers so much more than a few candy bars and chocolate covered gummies; they also make truffles. As you guys know truffles are my weakness. The package of Pistachio truffles they sent became my secret stash of emergency truffles. Now, shh, don't tell my husband or kids my secret! I refuse to share! {Yes, they are that amazing!}


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