Saturday #322

The dog days of summer are here. It is hot in the morning, hot in the middle of the day and hot at night. We spend the morning building Angry Birds K'nex sets and knocking them down. K'nex are hot right now in our house and I can agree to a building and destroying session in the cool comfort of the house on any 90 degree day.

On Saturday #322, we were zapped of our will to have too much fun. Despite the heat of the morning, as the sun was rising the kids and I decided we needed donuts, and we needed them now. We took a sunrise walk to get chocolate frosted donuts.

We were sweaty by the time we walked home, but the donuts were worth a sweat! All 3 of us were content to soak up the air conditioning with cartoons and K'nex building sessions! We let Daddy sleep in and we spent the morning in various stages of rest.

We eventually decided to move the sprinkler over to the shadiest part of our yard and let the kids play in it. They were chilled and tired after about 30 minutes, we again retreated indoors, where we resumed our lazy day.

Saturdays over the summer are really boring. We tend to stay home more often than not as we have all week to do whatever we like without fighting the weekend crowds. Thanks for bearing with me on this uneventful and very late version of our Saturday!


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