Saturday 323 - 327

You guys... I have the best intentions with this series, I really do. I want to share my life with you while leaving a documentation for my kids of how we spent our time when they were little, but the summer is the worst time for me to even think about Saturday. Everyday feels like Saturday when the whole family is on summer break.

On Saturday 323, we went to the Lincoln Highway Buyway Yard Sales in Upper Sandusky. We brought home assorted junk like a mini pie making machine, an ice cream machine, toys, dishes for the blog and etc.
It stormed on the way home, so we got drenched. That after the heat of the day was enough to do all 4 of us in!

On Saturday 324 we didn't do anything exciting. We got up early, we played. Same old weekend in the summer song and dance.

On Saturday #325 we went to the Lego Brick Universe Convention in Columbus. The kids and I took a long mall walk that day, as we kind of love doing that. We noshed at A&W Rootbeer for dinner. Again, it rained. But we were lucky to take in the Topiary Park before the storm moved in also.

On Saturday #326, it was the first weekend after my husband was back to work. We were getting ready for Rolfie to start school also, so that weekend was spent gathering supplies and trying to soak in the last moments of summer.

Saturday 327, Harper woke everyone up at 2:20 am, Rolf was unable to sleep after that. He insisted that we get up at 3 am. I was a bear. I refused to cook breakfast that early. I handed over the remote, took the lightsabers away and dozed on the sofa til 6 am. We did nothing all day. We made some crafts, I cleaned up a million and three messes. Harper and I stayed home as the boys were to a viewing the night sky event.

So, we are back in school now. Weekends are growing more precious as our only family time without the rush of school. Hopefully this series will become more interesting for you guys at some point. Harp and Rolf, when you read back on this as adults, I know... our Saturdays have been lame. Love you!


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