Saturday #328- Saturday #332

On Saturday #328 we spent the day preparing for a visit from Grandma. She wanted to come up to visit and go to lunch. This means I spent a great deal of the day cleaning up toys galore.

We did manage to fit some outside playtime in with the kids up the street. Rolf and Harper were thrilled to have a bunch of kids to make noise with.

On Saturday #329 my mother came to visit. The kids were happy that she brought pumpkins and donuts. The managed to break away from the visit to play with the neighborhood kids.

On Saturday #330 we went to Cedar Point for a break from the normal. The family enjoyed the park while I attended bloggy con and gave a session after the conference on the subject of facebook live.

On Saturday #331 we went for a hike at Heckert Nature Preserve. The kids did pretty well on the hike, alrhough we did leave the binky behind and half way through the walk Harper had a melt down and needed to be carried out of the woods.

On Saturday #332 we woke up early and went to a fall craft show. After that we took the kids to an Oktober fest. We in the evening headed out to buy pumpkins and gourds.

I regret that I have not prioritized these entries in the 940 Saturday series and have resorted to lumping them together to the best of my memory, but I am still glad to have some kind of record of how we spent our Saturdays together as a family.


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