Saving Cash with Groupon Coupons

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My husband and I like to laugh about the days when we thought we were broke, the pre-kid days. I used to shrug my shoulders at coupons with a who has time for that? attitude. I know I thought I didn't.

Fast forward to the present. My husband is a public servant. The rewards of his career are not monetary but in spirit. I am a stationed at home mom of 2 little ones.  My stance on coupons has changed; I now think who doesn't need to save some cash? I make it my mission to save on a daily basis. From smart shopping to clipping coupons and ordering online to score free shipping are a few of my go to tricks to stretch the dollar even further.

Groupon is one of my favorite places to browse because you can score incredible deals with discounts that make a huge difference in our budget and quality of life. From spa services to restaurant deals, and even chances to save at shops like Verizon Wireless, Groupon helps my family save money and live a better quality of life.

Do you use groupon? I would love to hear how it helps you save some of your hard-earned cash!


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