Make Valentine's Day Sweet Even At The Last Moment with Walker's

I am a Walker's ambassador but these ideas, opinions and fun moments are my own!

Valentine's Day is a sweet affair! From the cards and the candy, the flowers and the rich foods, the dancing and decorating; it is almost too much for my waistline to bare. If you nodded your head in agreement on that statement, you will appreciate my logic in gifting the sweeties in my life a little differently this year.

While a box of chocolate candy is lovely and I literally do a happy dance anytime I am offered a sweet token of affection like candy, this year I wanted to offer my sweeties something different. Something delectable but sophisticated, and off the beaten path of treats that we are overloaded with at Valentine's Day.

Walker's Shortbread is my go to option for a treat that isn't too sweet but is completely delicious. This year, I am indulging friends and family with the gift of goodness. Walker's Shortbread has some ah-mazing cookie offerings that are sure to win the heart of your Valentine this year! A few of my favorite for sweet gifting are:

    Chocolate & Raspberry Shortbread: A new combination of scrumptious raspberry shortbread, half coated with rich dark chocolate.

Ginger Royals: A unique shortbread, combining the moistness of real stem ginger with the crispness of Walkers traditional pure butter shortbread, plus the irresistible taste of dark chocolate.

Orange Royals: Crisp pure butter shortbread baked with Mediterranean oranges and smothered in rich smooth milk chocolate.

After creating witty cards to accompany our gifts, Harper, my 3-year-old daughter decided we kind of had to have a snack too. We went with Walkers Shortbread Chocolate Scottie Dogs These are made with chocolate dough and added chocolate chips, this chocoholic version of the ever-popular Scottie Dogs Shortbread is made with only the finest ingredients.

We thought they were cute and yummy too! Little did we know, we could actually tame a savage dragon with a Chocolate Scottie!

For the kindergarten teacher, we will give her this card with a box of Walker's Chocolate and Raspberry Shortbread. 

For our friend Marsha, that my husband loves to tease.
She thought the card was hilarious and told me next time to send wine because she earns it working with him all day. {HA!}

Even at the last moment, there is time to show someone how special they are in your life, with a delicious option like the yummy Walker's line. From kids to grandmas and even savage beasts like the dragon love them!



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