Bucket List for Icelandic Adventures

As spring fades into summer; I seem to have developed an itch to travel. My daydreams lead me to plan trips I may or may not take. My suitcase seems to be calling for me to pack and set out for an adventure. My feet long to touch unfamiliar lands, my ears are eager for new accents, my palate pleads to taste undiscovered cuisines.

A trip to Iceland has been on my bucket list for as many years as I can recall. As a little girl, I would sit at my globe, letting my fingers spin and my eyes land on a new place, when Iceland blinked on my radar, my curiosity was piqued and has lingered over the decades.

Iceland is a unique island close by the arctic circle. The Gulf Stream location gives Iceland surprisingly mild winters and picturesque summers. The temperature is cool year round in a deliciously refreshing way! In the summer the temperatures range from 55 to 77 degrees, which sounds decadent to this girl from a hot and humid region!

Iceland brings glaciers, snow, and ice to mind, naturally. While taking in these sites are likely at the top of your agenda, the options for fun that await you in this beautiful land appear endless. They are so varied that I am convinced anyone and everyone can have a blast in Iceland!

To give your vacation a great variety of extreme sport and leisure, I have compiled a Bucket List for Icelandic Adventures that you will want to pin to your travel board to refer back to later!


1. Take in the Northern Lights
From September to April the extreme dark of the Icelandic skies offers a light show unlike any other, as it is put on by mother nature! Several hotels in the area feature special wake-up calls to help you take it in, without giving up a full night of sleep. Setting your camera at a ten-second shutter is a great way to capture the moment with lovely photos.


2. Horseback Riding
The Icelandic horse has been preserved through isolation for many years. This is a breed of horse unlike any other as it is smaller, sturdy and surefooted on the rough terrains of Iceland. This is the perfect way to take in the landscape while enjoying the big personalities of these unique animals!

3. Get Festive
In the summer months, Iceland basks in long hours of daylight. The locals take the opportunity to gather and celebrate. You can find festivals all summer long dedicated to music, fashion and film. This is a fun way to take in the culture.

4. Go Whale Watching
The cold water of the ocean is home to some amazing marine animals. A trip to Iceland almost requires a whale watching excursion! During the summer months, more than 20 species of whales are visible in the oceans on either side of the island of Iceland. You can also expect to see sharks, birds, dolphins, seals and more.

5. Take a Glacier Tour
Iceland has an ice cover of 10%, which means that you can get out on the ice for a tour that will take your breath away and inspire so many future daydreams at any time of the year.  You can go for as little as 2.5 hours, or spend a week and a half exploring the glaciers and gems on Best Tours of Iceland.

6. Hit the Pools
Iceland is known for its amazing geothermal pools and spas. It is a tradition and a total treat for your mind, body, and soul. It seems so unlikely, but Iceland sports a beach with white sand and warm, geothermal water. It is a must see and must experience, especially after you have been on a glacier tour or horseback riding!


7. Cast Out
If there is a fishing enthusiast in your traveling party, you must make time to cast out in Iceland! The fish one might catch include: trout, salmon, and arctic char to name a few. From pond fishing to river fishing to cold water ocean fishing, Iceland has it all for the angler in your life!

8. Savor Local Flavor
Icelandic cuisine has changed over the years, but you can still find and expect classics like head to tail fish with cabbage, a lot of lamb, and so many delicacies! To keep with modern times, vegetarian options are plentiful in Iceland too.

If you have visited Iceland, please be sure to leave a tip with your suggestions on what you would add to our Bucket List for Icelandic Adventures. If you are planning a trip, what are you looking forward to the most? The food, the extreme sports, or the weather? For me, it would be a combination of those things with a healthy dose of shopping and maybe an extra day at the Geothermal Pools and Spas!


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