Freedom to Be Me This Summer

Summer is here and we are on the go! We have been out camping, watching ball games, stopping for ice cream and of course, playing at every park and playground we can find! With so much going on in our daily summer lives, the last thing I need is to stress about my clothes.

This post was made possible via my ambassadorship with Dryel. I was compensated to use the product.

I want to look my best, always, no matter if I am sitting around a campfire with friends, smiling for a photo opp with ice cream covered kids or appearing in a video or at an event as a blogger. These days I can wear what I want, no matter where life takes me. I have a secret weapon in my laundry arsenal that keeps me looking good and keeps my clothes in tip top shape. I am a Dryel Mom.

I Dryel my jeans to keep them looking new without stretching or shrinking. I Dryel my tops and save a fortune without going to the dry cleaner. I Dryel my skirts and they come out as crisp as could be in a matter of minutes. I carry a Dryel pen in my bag for those spur of the moment spots, stains and spills, so that when life happens on my favorite skirt, I don't need to sweat it, I can spot clean on the go and keep looking as cool as a cucumber!

Dryel is easy to use, easy to find in stores and it saves me so much time and stress! I am more than pleased with the results and the savings of time, money and my favorite outfits that Dryel offers to my family!

No matter what you are wearing or where life is taking you this summer, Dryel is ready to give you the freedom to wear what you want, no matter where the adventure takes you!

You can learn more about fabric care, where to buy and how to use Dryel by visiting them on social or on the Dryel site.


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