Best Toy Finds at the Bookstore

In my part of the world, the hot days of summer have passed and I am eager for fall! Strolls in the freshly fallen leaves, hay rides, hot cocoa and of course curling up with a good book and a blanket.
The kids and I love to head to the bookstore to find something exciting to read, but these days I am finding bookstores aren't just for books! They have some of the cutest toys there too!

My son has discovered something fabulous at Barnes and Noble! Thanks to my friends at Brilliant PR for providing samples or compensation.

The Crazy Scientist Lab sets by The Purple Cow will turn any summer afternoon into crazy fun. Choose from lab sets like Water Gel Science and Young Detectives, which both come with more than a dozen cool kid-friendly experiments and the materials needed for hours of fun. MSRP: $20. Available at These are perfect for my inquisitive child and keep him busy learning, experimenting and discovering.

Harper loves all things animals, so naturally she was drawn to the Peekaboo Barn™ from Educational Insights gets little ones working together in this farmin’ fun game. Take turns with the barnyard spinner to see which sleepy animal needs your help to hit the hay. Say the animal sound out loud and MOO-ve your animal to the barn for bedtime. Beware, if you spin the rooster, your sleepy animals might wake up! Help all of the animals to bed and win. Includes a 3D barn, 8 farm animals, and easy-to-learn instructions.  For Ages 2+.  MSRP: $24.99 We loved that this was easy to play, making it perfect for her to play with friends and that it has so many cute as can be farm animals included! 

This fall, will you head to the bookstore with your kids? I will be looking for titles to keep me company until spring arrives again, so we will likely make a few visits. I am sure my kids will discover books to fuel their imaginations and toys that bring the story to life on each visit! I hope we can share them with you!


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