Help Buying a Second Car

As my children grow, I realize that the days of lazy afternoons at home, feeling content with coloring or building a fort are fewer and farther between. The kids are busy; there are practices, games and appointments, play dates and parties to make it to. Errands to run and of course, events to attend.

We had always prided ourselves on being a one car family. It worked for us when the kids were tiny and mommy was their entire world. But these days, being a one car family is a big inconvenience! The time has come for us to consider a new car, one that is roomier and easier on gas, and of course that can handle all of that running!

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Mom! Can we buy this one?!

Buying a new car is a big deal! It can be an overwhelming big deal too! As soon as you step foot on a car lot, you know that they want to sell you something you might not want. That alone can deter the bravest shoppers. With those 2 growing kids, shopping for daily needs can be tough, let alone shopping for a major purchase! Car shopping seems to make me anxious. Can you tell!? You can get the scoop on the best dash cams here.

When I got to know, a lot of my worries subsided. I can actually shop for a car on my terms, from my house.  This is a game changer to say the least. There are so many ways to find the car of your dreams on the site. From new and used cars, to a color, make, or style. You can even narrow it down by distance. If I don't want to drive more than 20 miles to get our new family car, I don't have to!

We are still dragging my feet  browsing, it has been 7 years since we bought a car, so maybe we are out of practice. If you have any tips for buying the car of your dreams, please leave a comment. If you have used   let me know how it helped you find a great deal on a great car!


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