Making Lunch Healthy and Fun for Kids

School is back in session and that means I am as busy as ever, my duties every day include packing lunches and planning snacks. Last year I lost my steam early on into the school year and fell into a rut. It is easy to grab a few lunchables and consider lunch done.

This year, I start off with a renewed goal of making better choices for my family. Lunch is an important part of the school day and I want my son to fuel his growing body and be prepared to learn. Packing healthy options is vital to his development! Providing good choices for my preschooler is also important.

I have a few great products to share with you, thanks to my friends at Brilliant PR and Stoneridge Orchards that are helping us to take back our lunches and make them healthier. These are all great ways to make packing a lunch easier and offering healthy choices more fun.

My son likes to take a bottle of apple juice in his lunch, but I have a confession. I am one of those parents that waters down juice. Drastically. I always have, and I will for as long as I can get away with it. That means that a prepackaged juice is a no go in our lunches. I turn to the Drink in a Box to keep him hydrated while limiting the sugar my son gets from his drink. I love that this is a durable and sturdy option that keeps his drink secure and leak free and it is so much better for the planet than adding 5 juice bottles to the trash each week.

We also love the snack in a box for reducing waste and keeping things secure and smash free. This is a sturdy, food safe box that holds 2 snacks. This is a good size for kids and helps me to save a ton of baggies each week!

For Harper who still has lunch at home with me,  Marcus & Marcus Divided Plates are a great way to keep portions kid sized. The plates are super flexible, unbreakable and easy to clean. Harper loves her Marcus & Marcus dishes for meal time!

Harp loves to help in the kitchen, so when she saw the Learning Resources Little Sprouts Smoothie Maker Set she was excited to try it out. After playing for a while she told me she wanted to drink a real smoothie. Getting so many nutrients in her growing body is always a win. We now have a routine, she makes a smoothie for me while I make a real smoothie for her. This is so much fun to play with that kids will never know you are laying the foundation for healthy eating with cool toys!

Lunch should always include something deliciously sweet. We love the dried offerings from Stoneridge Orchards. The kids love the blueberries while I can't get enough of the chocolate dipped varieties! These are a perfect way to indulge and feel zero guilt.

When packing lunches I offer small portions and a variety of flavors. As my kids are small, a few mini twist pretzels, a few dried blueberries or cherries, a few apple slices, and a half sandwich are more than enough to fuel them for a few hours. How do you keep packed lunches healthy? Give me the dish in a comment!


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