How Air Filters Can Improve Your Families Health

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Most houses and apartments today have an HVAC unit. These air conditioning units help with air flow and air filtration in your home. Air filters seem not to get the credit they deserve when it comes to improving the health of your family. Many pollutants and contaminants can get into our homes and possibly cause health issues like a respiratory illness. Having a quality air filter can remove mold spores, smog, bacteria, and many more impurities in our air.

Grades of Air Filters

Depending on the grade of the air filter. It can drastically change the quality of air flowing through the home. Here is an example of the different grades of filters rated on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value scale (MERV):
Rating Level Effiency Notes
1-4 Budget Minimum Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Impact Inexpensive
5-8 Good General Filtration Common & Effective
9-12 Better Filters Most Small Particulates For Pets & Allergies
13-16 Best Traps Small Particulates Max Filtration, Expensive
That is just a brief overview of what each rating bracket has to offer. Each 'level' of MERV has its unique qualities. See a more detailed chart of air filter MERV ratings.

Keep A Well Maintained HVAC System

The EPA stated earlier this year that a poorly maintained furnace could cause indoor air quality to be up to 5x worse than outside air. Not only is keeping a furnace better for the health of you and your home, but it also helps with making your home energy efficient. Here are some ways you can keep your systems in check:
  • Change your filters once every month. (based on the average air filter)
  • If your HVAC unit is outside, make sure to remove any debris that may block or cause issues with air flow.
  • Check to see if your ductwork is regularly leaking.
  • Make sure your thermostat always has good batteries and that the temperature is set to your liking.
  • Clean the condenser at least once a year. (This will help with maintaining air flow is unhindered)
  • Clear any build up that is in the drain pan (Mold can grow in the pan and dirt can accumulate)
These tips can help with preventing issues with your unit. Unfortunately, there are times where it is necessary to call out a professional to take a look at it.

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When you go to purchase a new air filter, make sure to shop around for the best quality and the best deal. There are of course your standard air filters in the big box stores but, you can always go for a more affordable option and made in the USA. Check out, They provide excellent customer service and create some air filters (MERV 13) that can last up to 3 months. Their air filters are also eco-friendly, which is just a bonus that they contribute to the environment and your family.


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