Saving Money on Dry Cleaning One Load at a Time

I am a Dryel ambassador. This post was sponsored.

With 2 growing kids in the house, I do a lot of shopping. It feels like every week someone has outgrown clothes or shoes, or a monster has visited and had a lovely lunch of my 7 year old's socks. With so much shopping happening, you would think that I have an awesome wardrobe with constant new additions popping up.

The reality is that, when I pick up a new outfit for myself, I know that it is official mom wear and that I need to take steps to keep it looking great. New outfits for mom are few and far between when the kids are growing like weeds!

I have a secret weapon in my laundry room that keeps my clothes looking brand new.

This is something that is easy to use, my clothes come out of the dryer ready to dazzle in 15 minutes! Better than secret weapon power and easy to use, it is also a fraction of the cost of a trip to the dry

I trust my clothes to Dryel.

Dryel is perfect for everyday mom wear like jeans and leggings, or for my favorite party dress, or a cozy sweater! No matter what I am wearing, I am wearing it like I just bought it! I love that with Dryel my fabrics aren't stressed, stretched or sapped of their good looks!

I love that for under $10, I can grab a box of Dryel and keep my clothes looking their best. There is no need to dash to the cleaner, or keep a stub to retrieve my items. Dryel saves me so much time, money and wear and tear on my wardrobe.

Motherhood is tough you guys. It is filled with so many moments. From happy firsts with the kids, to the challenges of parenting children in the modern day. Keeping my clothes in their best condition helps me to at least look like I have it all control.

With so many challenges to face, it is nice to know there is one thing you can count on to be easy, economical and a true mothers helper when it comes to laundry care.


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