3 Ways to Live Like a Fashion Blogger

Sites like YouTube and Instagram have made it easier than ever for beauty and fashion gurus to offer their best beauty tips and tricks, as well as some insight into the most popular current fashion trends out there.
Ever dreamed about what it would be like to trade places with your favorite makeup or jewelry blogger? Well, now you can. Here are three ways to step up your fashion game and start living like the pros.

1. Step Up Your Technology Game
First and foremost, if you plan to step up your fashion game, you’ll need to have the latest and hottest technology. After all, how will you capture those gorgeous shots of your beautiful new jewelry pieces or post your outfit of the day?
Beyond taking crystal-clear photos of your fashion-minded must-haves, smartphones like the Galaxy S8 plus also feature dual-pixel technology and a front-facing camera, allowing you to take some great, candid selfies. In addition to stepping your selfie game up, Samsung’s newest smartphone will also allow you to improve your beauty product buying game.
In fact, the Galaxy S8 contains a voice-powered virtual assistant called Bixby, allowing users to input simple voice commands and, much like Amazon Alexa, provide answers or buy something right then and there. That means if you see a hot, new piece of jewelry or must-have makeup product online, you can buy it instantly.

2. Be a Real-Life Fashionista
Fashion bloggers all over the world must keep current with the latest and hottest fashion trends to stay relevant and offer value to their followers. So if you want to live like a beauty guru, you’ll need to stay informed. Not sure how to go about it? Start by watching celebrity TV shows and awards ceremonies, and checking out industry magazine websites like Vogue and Cosmo to keep you up to date with what’s hot — and what’s not — in the fashion world.
Once you’ve found what inspires you, see if fits your brand identity. Don’t be afraid to try out new trends or add your own personal touch when creating new looks. In fact, try mixing it up with a cool piece of jewelry or learn how to provide a modern spin to old or outdated clothing. Remember, the sky is the limit in the fashion world, and successful real-life fashion bloggers always offer their own unique twist on things.
3. Dress The Part
If you want to be seen as a beauty pro, you've got to start dressing like one. But don’t worry — if you’re budget-conscious, there are still a number of ways to look like a fashion blogger without spending a fortune. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to be sponsored by a huge clothing company, either.
However, you can use the unique coupon codes that fashion bloggers tend to promote. When it comes to finding high-end discount jewelry, clothing and shoes, make sure to check out your favorite celebrities' Instagram pages to score some hot deals. There are also tons of budget-friendly fashion bloggers out there who are all about getting the most bang for their buck.
Ultimately, you may not have a million or even a thousand followers yet, but these tips are bound to help improve the way you think about and buy jewelry, makeup and clothing. Indeed, with the right tools, you’ll be well on your way to living like a legit jewelry or makeup blogger in no time.


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