For The Explorers And Adventurers Heading To South America

For those with an adventurous soul, pushing yourself is one of the highs of life. Exploring and travelling, leads to being at one with nature, while also seeing it as one of the obstacles in life that you will find a way to climb over, is a complex characteristic. For many people, life as we know it is just too mundane and they want action. Working a regular job and sitting behind a desk all day just isn’t for everyone and in fact, if you’re the outdoors type of person, is bordering on torture. South America, one of the most ancient parts of the world where civilization and people first came into being. It's a hot, muggy climate, but at the same time, is famous the world over for its monstrous monsoon seasons. The continent itself is quite vast and also has some of the best mountain ranges in the world. For those looking for an edge, a whirlwind of excitement and physically challenging activities, look no further than this tropical place on earth.

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Skydiving in Brazil

The air creates a volatile sound as it rushes through your hair and ears, you have to wear eye protection just to see where you’re going, and the sense of weightlessness is truly exhilarating. Skydiving is part and parcel of many countries in South America. The backdrop of mountains, large open landscapes, and the ocean always so near, makes this part of the world some of the best opportunities to skydive. You can see all the options you have by going onto dropzone. It's big business in South America, and all the various nations have their respective businesses that specialize in taking tourists and locals for that matter, high above the clouds. When you’re at the optimum altitude, you’ll be given the opportunity of a lifetime, and with the aid of experts, start to fall out of the plane and to be your skydive experience. Those with an appetite for thrills, this is your cup of tea.

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Are you made for walking

The Andes is like the spine of South America. It runs along the back of almost all the nations and is approximately 4,400 - 4,500 miles long. The mountains stretch as far as the eye can see. They have tops of snow and frost, while the bases are hot, surrounded by forests and jungles, along with a plethora of wild animals. One of if not the most famous trail, is the inca trail. Trekking up the hills and through the landscape, you will also be hiking through ancient ruins of people that once were. The Sacred Valley is vast and swooping in nature, and although the trail is physically demanding, it leads on to the finale of Machu Picchu. You’ll experience the local culture and meet the people who are only too happy to welcome tourists interested in their ancient land.

South America is full of adventure, and there is simply no way, anyone with the right mind frame can say or even hint at the possibility of being bored. The awesome mountains and forests along the trail are mesmerizing. Yet you can also get your adrenaline fix by skydiving through the clouds and observing the peaks from up high.


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