The Benefits of Using a Stress Ball to Alleviate Stress

The Benefits of Using a Stress Ball to Alleviate Stress
Today, the world is full of different stressors that may affect our everyday lives. Home, work and school can make your stress levels to skyrocket. This is why individuals must deal with this problem because it can result in straining of relationships and affect your health. You can eliminate stress using music, gardening, housework, therapy, or engaging in recreational activities. Individuals can also use stress balls to manage this condition.
What is a stress ball?
A stress ball is a round malleable toy that one can easily squeeze in their hand. This ball has many benefits and uses and it helps in relieving stress because it controls the fingers and helps exercise your fingers. These balls come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit the needs of different individuals. Here are the benefits of using these balls.
Improves mood
Squeezing a stress ball in your hand helps to stimulate your brain, resulting in the release of endorphin hormones. Endorphins act as mood enhancers, pain relievers and sedatives. Therefore, if your mood is off or you are feeling down, you can play around with a stress ball to enable you feel better.
Stimulation of Nerves
Playing around with your stress ball will stimulate nerve cells in your hands. These nerve cells are directly connected to the limbic region of your brain. The limbic region is responsible for emotions and this is why continuous squeezing and releasing of the stress ball will leave you feeling more relaxed and calm and results in stress reduction.
Diverts your attention
Working with a stress ball can make you feel so good. Playing with the ball for a few minutes will completely redirect your focus and thoughts. As a result, you will stop focusing on whatever is stressing you and start focusing on the ball. After a short while, your body and mind will feel more relaxed. Using a stress ball regularly will enable you to get clarity of mind because your concentration will be directed to the act of squeezing the ball. This action relaxes your mind and diverts your thoughts from stressful activities.
Boosts blood circulation
The contraction of the muscles of your fingers and hand increases the flow of blood to your wrist area and fingers. As a result, better blood circulation is promoted throughout the body. Improved blood circulation is crucial, especially for individuals who work tirelessly using their hands throughout the day. Stress balls come in a variety of sizes and they can be used for light muscle rehabilitation or training after injury.

Releases tension
The act of squeezing a stress ball in your palm tends to tighten your wrist and hand muscles. The muscles will then relax when you release the stress ball. Repeating this exercise several times will help in releasing tension, particularly after you have had a stressful phone call, meeting or any other stressful situation.
Whenever you feel tired or stressed out, you should avoid burying your feeling by eating sugary snacks or venting out on your employees or loved ones. You can easily feel better by squeezing a stress ball in your hands. This will make you feel relaxed and ready to take up new challenges that life throws your way.

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