5 Websites for Baby and Kid's Gifts That Aren't Amazon + They Have Coupons!

5 Websites for Baby and Kid's Gifts That Aren't Amazon + They Have Coupons!

When it comes to online retailing, Amazon has the top spot in the US with sales of over $136 billion as of 2016 and more than 90 million American shoppers as of third quarter of 2017. Not surprising are the latest figures published last October by Statista that Amazon’s numbers are falling. Web visitors dropped by close to 2.4 million from July to September 2017 as more options for online shopping have opened up. Amazon is still leading in online sales, capturing 4% of the all retail income or bringing in about $44 billion for 2017 but many consumers don’t have the time or enthusiasm to search the vast pages of Amazon for interesting and value-for-money items especially during the holiday rush.
During holidays like Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza and New Years (when the pressure is on to find the perfect holiday gift, create the perfect meal, spend time with loved ones, etc, browsing through Amazon’s gigantic catalog takes too much time and effort! This post contains contributed content.
Here are five spectacular alternatives to Amazon if you want to find great gifts for those special little people on your list. If any of the coupons below don't work, we recommend you click over to CouponCause.com for the latest offers.
1-2-3 Magic.com
All responsible adults desire the best for children. They want children who are happy, disciplined, and healthy. 123magic.com is an amazing book on child discipline. Although the book is for parents and guardians, children will directly benefit from the lesson therein. The positive effects of caring but firm discipline will reward the entire family, school, friends, and subsequent life of the child as he or she grows into an adult. The information you will find in this source will cover all ages from toddler to teen.
With code 123MSAS20, you can get 20% off your entire order.
The Honest Co
One of the major issues of consumers is false or misleading advertising as well as products that grate against the personal conscious. There continues to be many cases of buyer remorse because of lack of transparency and honesty. With The Honest Company, you are assured of safe, sustainable, pretty, and healthy products for the entire family.

Co-founded by actress, Jessica Alba, The Honest Company is a true believer in “paying it forward.” Their product line for babies include diapers, lotion, bath soap, wipe, and balm and they also have a beauty line for mothers. With code GIFTME20, you can avail of a 20% discount on all orders!
If you’re looking for safe but cool stuff for your young children to enjoy, you will find more than enough to satisfy even the pickiest child. Trunki is a spectacular toy company that has been winning awards for its safe, re-usable, innovative and creative line of quality kiddie products.
The company started with the idea of ride-on luggage and has evolved to more with tons of kid-friendly travel gear that are a lot of fun to play with! All products have a 5-year warranty, and you can get a fantastic 10% discount on your first order using the code TRUNK10.
Stroller Depot
Family-owned Stroller Depot is the leading one-stop website for strollers and car seats. No matter what kind of car seat or stroller you are looking for, you are sure to find it in this site. They have all the top brands plus the newest models to choose from. And you can be assured that every item on their site have been personally tested and tried for safety and quality. Furthermore, the company will give you a virtual test drive using live video if you can’t drop by their showroom.
For the holidays, Stroller Depot is offer a wonderful 15% discount on all Baby Jogger City Mini Single Strollers with the code SINGLE15.
TomTop.com has been around since 2004 and is based in the UK but has millions of shoppers from the US because they have a huge warehouse in the country and can offer the lowest price in town – sometimes as much as 70% off the mall retail prices. They have a very extensive line of high quality products specializing mainly in video games, accessories and home items. Their nursing and feeding line of products have a special 10% discount if you use the code BC1102 and order a minimum amount of $59.

Shopping for the holidays will be so much more fun and thrilling when you don’t have to go through Amazon. After all, with so many people on Amazon, the chances of doubling on the same gift or toy is kinda high. Anyway, isn’t it about time to give other online retailers with incredible feedback a try? If you look up these five companies, you will find them aboveboard and highly respected – the best in baby and mommy care!


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