A Trusted Guideline on How to Become a Lyft Driver

A Trusted Guideline on How to Become a Lyft Driver
If you are looking for ways to make extra money while doing something that you enjoy, you should consider becoming a Lyft driver. You will enjoy great conversations with different passengers while you cruise the streets. You can also get awesome wages, especially during the high tourist seasons and the prime time hours. Here is a guideline on how to become a Lyft driver.

Ensure you satisfy driver requirements

All Lyft drivers should be above 21 years old and have had an active U.S. driver’s license for about one year. Potential drivers should also go through a criminal background check and a driving record check. Drivers must also have an insurance policy and plates with current registration. Individuals are not eligible as Lyft drivers if they have over three violations in the last three years, and drug-related or DUI violations in the last seven years.

Meet the vehicle requirements

Riders do not want to get trapped on the freeway with a broken-down vehicle. It is crucial for vehicles to satisfy specific requirements for them to be used as Lyft cars. Lyft vehicles must have four doors that can open and close from outside and inside the vehicle. The passengers should be able to lock and unlock their own doors and there should be at least five seat belts. The brakes, steering, engine, suspension, air conditioning, and lights should be safe and working perfectly. The vehicles should not have any dents or body damage.

Obtain necessary documents

At some point during your application on how to be a Lyft driver, you will be asked for documents. Potential Lyft drivers should upload their vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and valid driver’s license. To simplify your application process, you should acquire these documents before making your application. You should take photos of these documents or scan them and ensure that the driver’s name is clearly recorded on the license documents and insurance documents. Make sure that all these documents are not expired and are up to date. Furthermore, all images uploaded should be easy to understand and clear.

Submit your application

After reviewing all the requirements and you are sure that you satisfy all of them, then you can start your Lyft application. However, before you begin applying, you need to get a referral code. You can sign up using any driver’s referral link to be eligible for a guaranteed referral or sign-up bonuses. You will need to create your Lyft account if you do not have one.

After logging in, look for "sign up to drive" button and click on it. You should then follow the given directions. You will be requested to submit your personal information, for example, direct deposit details and Social Security number. Lyft divers should constantly check the application process at Lyft.com/drivers. Applications may be delayed due to background checks that may take several weeks to complete.

Have your car inspected

All Lyft vehicles must pass the vehicle inspection test. Potential drivers must then upload the inspection on their profiles. Some states and cities may require an annual inspection, but others require inspection after every four months. Make sure your vehicle inspection is done fast as it will speed up your application.

You should then wait for the application to be accepted by Lyft and ensure that you acquire a smartphone. Once the application is approved, you can hit the road and begin picking up passengers and earning cash.


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