Ideas For Designing A Nursery

Ideas For Designing A Nursery

Most babies do not start sleeping in their own nursery until they are around 3 months old. However, they will eventually need their own room for sleeping, nappy changes, clothes storage and their growing collection of toys. The problem is that many parents are overwhelmed when it comes to designing the nursery.

Look At The Location And Other Practicalities

If you have a choice of rooms for the nursery, you should choose one that is close to your own bedroom and that is quiet. The room needs to have adequate ventilation and heating to ensure your baby’s comfort. You should also take care of any repairs which need to be done such as the creaking door so you do not wake your baby when you check on them.
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You should also ensure that the room has enough sockets for monitors and lights. You won't want to miss the chance to play some good baby sleep music because you don't have a power source! You also need to consider installing a dimmer for the main light. If the windows allow a lot of light into the room, you need to invest in some black-out blinds to ensure that your baby gets the sleep that they need.

Stay True To Your Style

Most people will have an interior design style. You should keep to this style when you design the nursery to ensure that it will fit with the rest of the house. This is important because you will want to feel happy in the nursery as our happiness will affect your baby.

Look For Inspiration And Have A Mood Board

To find inspiration for the design of the nursery, you should look for pictures online and in magazines. You can then create a collection of images before selecting the one that you love. You do not have to follow the design completely and can simply use it as a base for your nursery design.

The inspiration for your design can be anything from an image to a piece of fabric to a print. The mood board that you create will help you select materials, furniture and colors for the nursery. It will also help you see which colors and schemes will go together and which will not.

Measure Up And Choose Your Main Pieces

It is important that you measure the room and create a floor plan. This will help you determine how to use the space and where everything will fit. The nursery will need to have somewhere for your baby to sleep, a changing station, a feeding chair and storage for the essentials. It is important to note that babies do not have large storage needs to start, but this will change as they become older.

The use of a wardrobe or armoires will add character to the room and can be used for storage. You should not be tempted by the child-size versions that you can get because your child will outgrow this and you will have to buy a new one. You can also use a chest of drawers as a changing station which will eliminate the need to buy them later on and the effort of getting rid of the changing station.

Have A Focal Point And Keep It Simple

The room needs to have a focal point and this could be the cot, the fireplace or a beautiful piece of art or even some wall stickers or decals. Once you know what the focal point is going to be, you can build the rest of the room around this. However, you need to keep this simple as there will be to me to decorate the room more when your child is older. A simple nursery will be easy to change when your child becomes older and has their own ideas.


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