Saving Big on Last Minute Shopping #5Back17

With less than 2 weeks until Christmas, I am going to hit the stores with purpose this weekend. There are gifts to buy, meals to plan and of course, decorations to finish! Wouldn't it be nice if I could save a little money and tell you how I plan to do it all on limited time?

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Well, you are in luck. I am going to share my secret money saving weapon with you, that makes my shopping easier, keeps me on budget and helps to keep some of my hard earned cash in my pocket. I won't have to cut corners or settle for less than the perfect gifts either with my secret money saving high five.

Right out the door I am going to save $19.05 on all of my shopping, but the savings will certainly add up beyond a $20 bill. I am buying a Five Back Visa Gift Card and hitting the shops! At five back retailers I will earn 5% of the purchase added back to my card. That is a deal worth laughing all the  way to the bank over.

But, I know I am going to save even more than 5%, because friends, I am a double dipper. I have clipped my coupons and noted who has the best sales.  I am ready for shopping and saving action!

Now, there is a fee to buy the five back card of $5.95, but if I load $500 on it, which happens to be my holiday budget, the card more than pays for itself in cash back! I love that I can load my card and stop worrying about going over budget, and of course, I can use it anywhere that Visa is accepted, just like I would cash or a credit card.

The Five Back Visa Gift Card also makes a cool as ice gift idea for anyone on your shopping list. I love the idea of giving it to college students to help them stretch their money a little further with 5% back going on to the card for later!

Who will you buy a Five Back Visa Gift card for this year? A special someone or will you use it for your own shopping? If you feel lucky, someone is going to win a gift card! Good luck and happy shopping!

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