Tips For Updating Your Garden For Dining Al Fresco

Tips For Updating Your Garden For Dining Al Fresco

Congratulations, you have your al fresco menu sorted out and all of the trimmings are sorted out too. However, where are you going to do all your prep? A good idea is to create an outdoor kitchen space, as well as a wooden bench because this will let you use portable appliances in a safe place. Not only that, but the space will be convenient.

Another thing you can do is frame your outdoor kitchen. You can use shrubs or large trees. Let's not forget to mention you should use red pots that are bright, as this will draw your guests to the food you prepared. This post contains partner or affiliate links.

Create A Feature Wall
You can create a feature wall. This can be done by painting your garden walls or fences. Use earthy terracotta or azure blue, as these colors will make your wall standout.

If you want to add a great touch, then hang up a few tea light lanterns and then add a few chairs and a table in the area. Palms can be used to finish off the design. Feel free to use a terrarium pendant light, as this will create a tropical feeling.

Coordinate Your Dining Table With Color
If your goal is to create a chic scheme, then chose 2-3 key hues, as this will create a stylish finish. Horticultural colors are the way to go, so go with forest green and navy colors, and use a shade of lemon. You will be impressed with the scheme this creates, and it will suit your al fresco dining.

To finish the look off, you'll want to add botanical prints. This includes place-mats and bamboo napkins. This will emanate a sense of nature.

Create A Comfortable Living Area Outdoors
After indulging in delicious foods, you want to go to a comfortable place to relax. Place some comfy cushions on your garden seats and place a soft rug on the ground. Also, you'll want to have a pouffe on hand.

Moroccan Theme
A Moroccan theme can create the nicest of entertainment spaces. Adding a copper tray to the table will give things a nice touch too. Don't forget about tea lights and solar-powered lanterns. Add some suitable middle eastern art from Outdoor Art Pros to finish.

Furthermore, citronella candles are a nice touch. Place them in ornaments or hurricane lamps. By doing this, you'll create the ultimate place to relax and enjoy drinks.


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