4 Key Areas to Consider When It Comes to Outdoor Lighting

4 Key Areas to Consider When It Comes to Outdoor Lighting
There are so many lighting options out there that selecting outdoor lighting for your home can become quite challenging. There are many things to consider when choosing the lighting you need. You have to consider the architecture of your home and the parts that you would like to highlight. You also need to consider security lighting and practical illumination needs. You should definitely consider the following types of lighting:
Ambient lighting –Used to set the ambience of the space, e.g. your porch
Task lighting – Used to light up a particular spot. This is usually secondary lighting.
Accent lighting – This type of lighting is decorative and used to reinforce a particular style.
Since most people are not well versed in this, it may be a good idea to speak to a professional to help you come up with a lighting plan. The plan identifies various areas on your property and home that you are looking to illuminate. You will have to walk through the property at night so that you can see how well your current light is working and how you can make improvements. Several key areas to consider will include the following:
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Pathways and entry – Lighting is awesome for its aesthetic value, but it serves a greater purpose in keeping everyone safe. All entrances should be properly lit. In fact, this is where you begin and then work your way down the pathways leading to the driveway or to the street. You need to consider the various lighting needs that will make your pathways and driveway easy to navigate.
Outdoor spaces – When it comes to outdoor spaces, you should make the most of them. This means layering your lighting so that you have task lighting for those days when you choose to cook outside, ambient lights for outdoor dining and even ceiling fans for those covered seating areas.
Swimming pool – You should consult a residential lighting company in Houston for this because the amount of light you need will depend on the tiles and pool liner you have used. If you do not use proper lighting, the pool will look like a pond full of murky water in the night. If you have used dark colors on your pool, they will absorb light, but if you went with lighter colors, then they will reflect that light.
Security – You need to ensure that all your entry ways are well lit. If one side your house is shadowy, it may be a good idea to add spot lights in the eaves. You may also consider putting spotlight fixtures by the garage door, windows and any side doors.
Containing light is very important. Your outdoor lighting should not extend into the property beside yours. If you will be putting in some up lights, make sure that the trajectory is set on the intended target so that it does not spill over. A lighting consultant can help you work out all these things so that you are compliant in every way while enjoying the lighting you want.


  1. Very helpful info here. I will certainly consider these 4 Key Areas the next time I install outdoor lighting.


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