5 Signs That You’re Not Prepared to Own a Home Yet

Owning a home seems to be one of those big hurdles in life that we all strive to overcome.
It’s a sign that we’re independent and have gained some form of financial security,
enough that we’re able to move on and live our own lives without being reliant on other people.
Sadly, owning a home is expensive and it’s not easy to emotionally prepare yourself for the

If you feel like you have doubts, then here are a couple of signs that really show you’re not yet
prepared to have your own home.

You can’t actually afford it

One of the most important concerns to keep in mind is if you can actually afford the home that
you’re thinking of buying. For instance, if you haven’t spoken to a mortgage company such
as Altrua Financial yet, then you may be overestimating what it actually costs to own a home.
It’s not just a case of paying a deposit and then setting up a mortgage either. Owning a home
requires you to pay your own bills, pay for your own shopping and groceries and you’ll be in
charge of things like repairs as well.

You don’t have a proper reason to

Ask yourself why you want to move to a new place and if you’re unable to answer truthfully, then
you might just be wishing for something you don’t need. Perhaps you have A legitimate reason
to move such as needing more space to raise a family or because you need to move closer to
your workplace. They’re valid reasons that make sense, but if you just want to move because

you want to get away from family or because you want privacy, then it might be a little
too early to move.

You don’t want to leave yet

It’s perfectly fine to admit that you don’t want to leave your home yet. Maybe you’re comfortable
where you are because it’s near your friends and family, or perhaps you enjoy where you live
because of the environment. Don’t feel like you need to move because you’re being pressured
by friends–it’s fine to stay put.

You’re not prepared for the responsibility

People love renting instead of buying because it means they’re able to take on fewer
responsibilities. For instance, if something breaks, it’s usually taken care of by the landlord
and you don’t need to worry about it. If there’s an upgrade required or a gas check schedule,
then the landlord handles all of this for you. As long as you’re able to pay rent and keep the
home tidy, that’s all you need to worry about.

You have poor credit

Credit rating is one of the biggest factors in determining if you’ll be able to actually afford a home.
Keep in mind that you need to clear your debts and have a fairly good credit rating in order
to get a mortgage in the first place. If you don’t meet these criteria, then you’ll be rejected
and you simply won’t be ready to own a home.


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