Top Foods That Help You In Sleep

Top Foods That Help You In Sleep
Getting a good sleep is something which is incredibly very important for overall health. It helps in reducing risk
of chronic health problems, boost immune system and keep digestion and brain healthy. To get benefits
from sleep it is important to have 7 to 9 hours sleep and above all it should be uninterrupted.
This post has been contributed But, despite having enough sleep many people are suffering from
insomnia because of which they feel sleepless. Insomnia can even lead to depression and stress, but this problem can overcome by following some
beneficial strategies. Proper diet and good mattress can give your proper sleep.
There are many other ways through which you can avoid sleepiness nights and one of them is by changing your
diet. So many food items are there that can help you in getting quality sleep. They contain natural substances
which bring sleep. This is one of the best ways through which you can have a good and sound sleep without
any negative impact on your body. Eating healthy and right food will allow you to sleep well and you can have
proper health as well. No doubt there are many and many substances which you can search online and have
in your diet in order to have good health and at the same time good sleep. Research well and learn all about
the products before going for them. Also check out and make sure that they do not have any negative effect
on your body.
Along with eating right and healthy food, selecting right type of mattress is equally responsible. It should be
soft and comfortable and to know more about mattress you can get solutions from
Here is the list of some of food items which can help you in sleep:
Almonds: They are meant for building bones as they contain magnesium which is an important mineral
and is also needed for good sleep. As per recent study, if magnesium level is low then you will find harder
staying asleep. To avoid this, you can start having 5 to 6 almonds before going to bed.
Lettuce: It contain phytonutrient which help in inducing sleep, promote relaxation and also relieve pain.
But, for many eating lettuce salad before going to bed doesn’t seem so appealing. Well, in this case they can
have lettuce tea by brewing some leaves in hot water. In fact, you can also add honey for some sweet flavor.
Soy food: Soy food like edamame, miso and tofu are rich in protein and isoflavones. This compound helps
in production of serotonin and is type of a brain chemical which influences body wake and sleep cycle.
From the recent reports, it has been noted that adults who eat more than two soy food in a day will sleep
longer and have quality sleep.
Tart cherry juice: This juice is rich source of antioxidant that help in protecting cells from harmful inflammation
which can even lead to chronic diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes. Tart cherry juice will even help
in promoting sleepiness and can get you relieve from insomnia. It contain melatonin that regulates sleep cycle
and signals body to prepare for sleep.
Walnuts: These tasty nuts contain melatonin which helps in influencing sleep cycle. Walnuts even provide
tryptophan help that converts melatonin in body. This is the main reason due to which walnuts are
recommended as snacks an hour before you go to bed.
White rice: Since, white rice contain high glycemic index so by having white rice before going to bed you can
improve quality of sleep. By intaking higher rice quantity you can easily have better sleep including long
sleep duration.
Hummus: This is basically a Mediterranean chickpea staple which is not only delicious but also good source
of tryptophan. Enjoying teaspoon of hummus on crackers every night can help you in getting peaceful sleep.
In fact, you will enjoy benefits such as controlled level of blood sugar, protein, sleep inducing hormones and
most importantly can overcome causes of insomnia.
Bananas: Potassium and magnesium in bananas serve as nerves and muscle relaxants. Even, it also contain vitamin B6 that help in converting tryptophan into serotonin which help in body relaxation and also regulates sleeping cycle.


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