America's Bigger Is Better Ski Resorts

For the most part, everything America does is bigger - and supposedly better - than the rest of the world. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case when it comes to ski resorts because Europe leads the way on the front, and it’s not even close. The top six are all in that part of the world - The 3 Valleys, The Sella Ronda, Paradiski, 4 Valleys, The Milky Way and The Matterhorn.

But that doesn’t mean the US has failed on this front because it hasn’t. Oh no. Not by any stretch of the imagination and that’s because there are some almighty ski resorts for skiers and snowboarders to explore here, as you’re about to find out.

Vail, Colorado
Standing at a seriously impressive 5,289 acres, the Vail Ski Resort has long been revered by skiers and snowboards of every kind. You have the hardcore type that get-up at first light and ski until their legs give way and you have families that want to introduce their kiddies to this way of life. Of course, being the third biggest ski resort in the US does come with a problem: knowing where to stay. But our advice would be the Marriott's StreamSide Douglas at Vail. Surrounded by spectacular views, world-class skiing and all the luxuries you could want, what more is there to dream about?

Big Sky, Montana
Despite Vail growing rapidly since it first opened, Big Sky still pips it with 5,800 acres of amazing  ski terrain. Once upon a time, though, this resort was actually the biggest in the US but was overtaken in the past few years. What’s amazing is how it has still retained its trademark tagline, telling people it is the biggest area simply because it feels like the biggest. But who knows, it may still get the official title back if the owner’s expansion plans are anything to go by. Of course, if you want to get technical, then the actual size is closer to 8,000 acres because there is a lift that connects it to the Yellowstone Club, but this is actually a privately owned area, so it doesn’t count.

Powder Mountain, Utah
At a whopping 8,464 acres, Powder Mountain is the proud owner of the title, “biggest ski area in the USA”, which is a nice title to add to the ones it is already famed for; its powder and its amazingly fair exclusivity. You see, while a lot of resorts are happy to get as many people skiing as possible, Powder Mountain only allows a maximum of 2,000 mountain-lovers to go up a day. The result: a whole lot more personal space for those that bag a ticket.

Whistler Blackcomb, Canada
This one isn’t technically in the US, so we can’t give it the official top spot, but it still demands a mention because it has 8,171 acres of snow-stacked ski area, with one of the most celebrated chairlift networks anywhere on planet earth. These things are seriously high-speed, which is good news because the faster the chairlifts the more ski time you get to enjoy. To blow your mind with a quick fact, it has the capacity to shift 69,939 skiers every single hour. Wow.


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