The Awesome Outdoors: How To Stay Fit As A Family

We all want to find new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep our whole family strong. It is a time where children are often glued to iPads and television screens and it is becoming more and more difficult to pry them away from their indoor comforts. Encouraging your children to stay fit has always been a challenge, but nowadays the task is even harder as you have to compete with all the exciting things the online world has to offer. There is no substitute for good old fresh air so let’s start getting the whole family involved in fun and fitness.
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Holiday Happiness
The school holidays are a time for your children to relax and let off steam after a long semester of working hard. Many parents are guilty of allowing their kids to do whatever they want whilst on spring or summer vacation, which often involves watching copious amounts of television, eating chips on the sofa and lounging around in their bedrooms until midday. Get your kids to head to a sports camp or take up an extracurricular activity to keep them engaged and active. This website contains a whole host of information on summer soccer camps, so enrol your child in an activity which they will love. This will not only be hugely beneficial for their wellbeing but it will allow them to make new friends and bonds with other children who have the same interests as them.


Garden Glee
Many of us have a beautiful garden which we neglect for most of the year. We need to learn to make the most of the outdoor space in our homes and encourage our kids to play outside. After school, there is no reason why our little ones should sit in front of the television for hours before dinner. Open up the backdoor and let them put their play clothes on. Let them jump in the puddles and get their knees dirty. It will tire them out before bedtime so there will be no fuss getting them to sleep! The weekends should also have some time dedicated to a physical activity. You could go for a swim or take a long walk with the dog; it doesn’t have to be anything strenuous, just enough to get your blood pumping.

Get Competitive
All kids love a bit of healthy competition; whether it’s a running race or a speedy bike ride you can make exercise fun. Get the whole family on board and create your own jam-packed sports day. Set up an obstacle course in the local park and get a prize for the winner. You could even rally together your whole community and start up a local sports team for the kids and their families. From running clubs to dance societies you could help all of the children in your area get more active and live a healthier life.

Exercise is such an important aspect of our lives and we should strive to make it fun for all the family. By including everybody it not only becomes a bonding experience, but also allows everybody to get outside in the fresh air and move their bodies.


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