Top Tips for Juggling Work and Motherhood

Life as a working mom can be difficult. Motherhood is never easy, your children change all the time, and you never get a chance to settle. Add work into the mix, and you can find that life becomes exceptionally stressful and you never have a chance to rest. From the moment you get up in the morning, there's something to do. You've got to get the kids up and dressed, drop them off with their childcare provider or at school before rushing off to work yourself. Before you even sit down at your desk, you can feel like you've done a full day. Then, after giving work your all, you've got to pick the kids up, get dinner ready and get them ready for bed before you can relax yourself. By which time you just want to fall into bed and sleep. There doesn't ever seem to be time for yourself. This post contains partner content or affiliate links.

That's if everything goes well. Some days, you wake up late, or the toddler throws a tantrum, and your day is off track. Then, everything is rushed, and you spend your day on the wrong foot. That's when life as a working mom gets tricky. But, the worst thing of all, worse than the stress and the lack of time for yourself, is the guilt. You'll feel guilty for being away from your children or leaving them with someone else. Here are some tips to help you to cope with it all.


Mornings can set the tone for your whole day. Start well, and the rest of the day could follow the same pattern. But, they can also be the most stressful time of the day. So, do what you can the night before. Lay clothes and uniforms out, prepare breakfasts and pack bags and lunch boxes.  

Write Lists

If you are working or studying for an online BSW while looking after your children, your days could be wildly different from each other, and it can be easy to forget things. So, write to-do lists every day, and keep your diary where you can see it instead of just in your bag. A wall chart can be an excellent idea so that everyone can easily check where they need to be.

Take a Break

One of the most important things that moms forget is to take time out for themselves. Give yourself a night off or go out shopping for the day without the kids. Doing something for yourself occasionally will make you feel better and help you to function the rest of the time.

Find the Right Childcare

Going to work and coping with the guilt is much easier if your children are with someone that you trust, spending time doing things that they enjoy and having fun. Don't feel like you have to leave them with a relative or friend. Take your time to find someone that is the right fit for your family and gives your children everything that they need.

Be Honest

As moms, we often feel like it's our job to do it all, and we carry on regardless. But, this isn't good for you. If you are starting to feel the pressure, and you're struggling to cope, be honest with yourself, your partner and your employer. You may have other options you just need to be open to exploring them.


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