Does the Weight Watchers Weight-Loss Plan Work?

Does the Weight Watchers Weight-Loss Plan Work?
Among the major concerns that many people have about the Weight Watchers program before subscribing to it is whether or not it works. The fact is that Weight Watchers is one of the most extensively-researched programs and has been proven to work. Different studies like The American Journal of Medicine showed that the program is ideal for not only shedding weight but also keeping it off.
The Weight Watchers program was ranked the "Best Weight Loss Diet" and the "Best Commercial Diet Plan" according to the U.S. News & World Report of the 2018 rankings. It is an excellent program that is easy to follow.
Can people with certain conditions subscribe?
The Weight Watchers program is ideal for anyone wishing to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is even worth the consideration for people with diabetes, high cholesterol, heart diseases and high blood pressure.
It's however advisable that you check your progress with your doctor if you are suffering from any of the mentioned conditions in case there is the need to alter your medication. This post was contributed to the site and may contain affiliate links.
On how it works, the following is a breakdown of the facts:
The Smart Points system
Weight Waters has a convenient way of encouraging its subscribers to accumulate points while keeping the calorie count down. One remarkable feature of this system is how the points, assigned per food, not only focus on the calories but the amount of saturated fat, protein, and sugar as well. This is considered effective and not one review criticizes this approach.
In essence, the points system uses the amount of sugar, saturated fats, calorie count and protein to steer you towards increased intake of vegetables, lean protein, and fruits and away from sugar and saturated fats. The result of accumulating many points is a healthy life and having fun while doing it.
Besides helping you keep your diet in check, the Weight Watchers program also trains you to lead a healthy lifestyle. It does this by incorporating education into the best diet options depending on your body and goals, healthy cooking and how to best dish out without sacrificing your need to lose weight and remain fit.
Remember that you are not restricted on what to eat but rather taught how to eat the right portions and encouraged to exercise often. In effect, you will only need medium effort to observe a healthy lifestyle instead of following commands to lose weight.
Support and meetings
Another great thing about the Weight Watchers program is the support you get both from coaches and other members of the Weight Watchers connect (a community). That's not all – you can organize in-person meetings to keep encouraging each other and sharing tips. You can use the Weight Watchers app, personal coaching, magazine or their website to get the guidance and support you need.
In addition to diet, members are also encouraged to customize their exercise routines and earn FitPoints in the process. Better yet, you can work with a tracking device to help you keep tabs on your exercises and progress. These points are included in the overall points in the plan, and with the new program, the WW Freestyle, you can save the points to use them later.


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